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Troubleshooting & Safety


We are Hawaii’s most trusted licensed Kaneohe electrician when it comes to offering residential and commercial electrical safety services. Our team can help provide safety measures for all your home or office electrical products by providing advanced System Testing, conducting Troubleshooting, delivering Evaluation & Repair solutions among others.

We have been in the industry for many years and have the requisite knowledge and skills with the best Kaneohe electrical repairman available 24/7 to help residents and clients with National Electric Code (NEC) Compliance Upgrades, Power Surge Protection, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) maintenance, Outlet Replacements and so much more.

With our electrical safety projects – you are guaranteed peace of mind – knowing that your home or business electrical appliances and wiring are 100% secure without risk of hazards. We ensure such safety by further providing you advanced Wiring Size Evaluation & Upgrades, Fixing “Hot” & “Burning” Smells, Fixing Sparks & Short Circuits, among others.

We simply provide the best of residential and commercial electrical safety inspections, upgrades and maintenance.

As a homeowner, it is likely that one of your major concerns will be absolute safety of your residence. This is a good reason why you must at all times have your home electrical projects inspected and appraised by only a licensed, bonded, & insured Kaneohe electrician from Windward Side Electric at least on regular basis and even again after any project remodeling service.

As a prospective home buyer – you would also like to be fully aware of what could be wrong with the new home electrical condition. This means you would like to know if there is any form of defects or safety risks present in the apartment. Some of those areas that would be of optimum concern in such scenario would be those of general wiring, grounding, and part leakages, among others. Here at Windward Side Electric – our expert Kaneohe electricians will help provide you with an extensive Electrical Safety Inspection course of action and also fix issues where needed – so that you can buy your new home and move in – with peace of mind.

Home Insurance – At any given time that you choose to insure your property/home, most especially if it is the first time or when you are moving from one provider to another insurance provider, the insuring firm will want to know details concerning your home’s electrical system & wiring condition. They would also require details relating to general wiring, & if your electrical panel includes fuses or circuit breakers, etc. At such scene, Windward Side Electric will be your best point of call to help you get the right information you require.

As Kaneohe experienced electricians – we put together many years of experience that will help minimize electrical risks & improve workplace efficiencies. 

Our electrical safety services company in Hawaii is one of the most comprehensive in the industry. Our quick, methodical approach to electrical safety needs has made us one of the leading & most reliable names in Kaneohe electrical safety, for home or office needs.  We make sure every project is carried out with highest quality whether it has to do with repair or replacement/installation. This means we never compromise, and we won’t cut corners, as we always put safety first.

The main reason for carrying out an electrical safety inspection for your homes or offices in Kaneohe, Hawaii is to detect potentially hazardous electrical conditions & quickly offer corrective measures to keep everything safe. 

Windward Side Electric will help you save time as we develop the best electrical safety programs and plans for you. With a wide ranging background in electrical safety – we will recommend and implement detailed plans specific to your facility.

Note that getting your electrical safety needs in good order can literally help to save lives, avoid fires, electric shocks and injuries, and also avoid damage to equipment, appliances, plants, and buildings.

Bear in mind that only a “Qualified Electrician in Kaneohe” is permitted to work on many electrical projects because they require skills & knowledge that help them to avoid potential hazards that may occur.

Real Estate Electrical Inspection Reports & Repairs

We have worked with many home buyers and sellers in the state of Hawaii so when it comes to performing an inspection on a home or building’s electrical system during your due diligence period, we know exactly what to look for.  We can immediately identify all current NEC violations and more importantly, we can identify when something in the electrical system is simply not correct or when something is beyond its useful life and needs to be replaced.  You only have one chance for an inspection on a property and once that time has passed, you assume the property as is and miss out on the opportunity for the seller to cover those costs.  There are exceptions to this, but in general, once the due diligence period has passed, it is over.  Most home inspectors have a simple and basic understanding of electrical systems.  If your home inspector has any doubts about the property’s electrical system or if you’d like a licensed electrician to inspect a property you have in escrow, call us and we’ll be there to help you out.

Electrical Troubleshooting, Testing, Evaluation & Repairs

2-way and 3-way switches are more complicated than people realize.  Just look on-line at how to install them and you’ll quickly realize that it takes knowledge and experience to get it right and to make your lights work like you want them to work.  New construction and remodels are the easiest to install switches in since the walls and ceilings are opened up, but if not, it can still be done with more time and creativity.Troubleshooting an electrical issue is where it all begins.  With my years of experience fixing, repairing, renovating, and installing electrical systems I have successfully fixed thousands of electrical systems and it all starts with identifying what, why, and where the problem is.  Testing, electrical knowledge, and common sense can save you money by isolating the problem, fixing the problem, and taking steps within reason to prevent the problem from happening again.  By identifying the problem, we are able to provide you an exact explanation of what the problem is and what it will take to properly fix the it.

National Electric Code (NEC) Compliance Upgrades

When building brand new, remodeling, renovating, or making an addition on to your existing structure, you may have to first obtain a building permit.  The County’s office will want to review and approve your electrical system and also require the system to be inspected by the County’s inspector.  There are many different codes and standards to follow but in general for almost all cases if you follow the National Electric Code (NEC), you will be safe.  When you sell your home, your home will be held to NEC standards during the home inspection.  So when someone is talking about code, they are talking about the NEC.  Anytime you have a repair or installation made to your home or building’s electrical system, always confirm with the electrician that the work is to the current NEC standard.  Do not make any exceptions to this as you will have problems down the road either in functionality or in a code violation and it will have to be repaired again.

Power Surge Protection

This is a commonly overlooked item, but one that is simple and worth the investment. With so many lightning storms and downed power lines here in Hawaii, the threat of a power surge is a common and frequent reality.  A power surge can happen if lightning strikes a power line or pole and that electrical current from the lightning travels into your home’s electrical system and massively overloads your electrical system.  Imagine trying to drink the water from a fire hose and multiply that by 1000.  Everything connected to your electrical system will be supplied with an infinitely high surge of electricity that might only last a millisecond, but the damage is enough to permanently destroy everything.  The best approach for power surge protection is to install a whole house suppressor before anything else on the incoming main feeder into your home and then plug in your electronics into the smaller plug in power surge arrestors.  This provides the best protection against power surges within your home’s electrical system and is your best method to protect all of your electronics.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI)

Ground fault circuit interrupters are a built in safety feature that works by internally measuring the current coming into the circuit and measuring the current leaving the circuit and comparing the two values.  If they are not equal, the GFCI will automatically open and prevent current to flow.  The reason why a difference in current would occur is if the electricity is flowing through an unknown path such as water or a human or any other medium that is not the conductor.  A GFCI can be installed on the main breaker inside of the breaker panel, on the wall mounted outlet, on an electrical extension chord, or even on an hair dryer.  The use of a wall mounted GFCI outlet is always required in kitchens and bathroom or anywhere near an area where water is present.  If your wall outlet stops working and it’s a GFCI outlet, press the black reset button and try again.  This usually solves the problem.  If it doesn’t there is a reason why the circuit will not reset and the reason needs to be determined.

Outlet Replacements

Replacing an outlet is a simple and straightforward task, if you know what you’re doing.  The more important issue with replacing an outlet that no longer works is to determine why the electrical outlet no longer works.  Sometime the entire circuit is bad and that would mean multiple outlets would not have power.

Wiring Size Evaluation & Upgrade

Wires and electrical conductors make up the distribution system of your overall electrical system.  If your home is old or if your breaker is constantly popping or if you plan to install a new appliance that requires more electricity, your current wire sizes will need to be evaluated to make sure the conductors can safely transmit and handle the amount of current flowing through the wires.  This can be accomplished by opening your circuit breaker panel and removing the cover to expose the breakers and wire connections.  Interior conductors have printed on the conductors what size gauge they are and from here it can be determined what outlets are tied to the circuit and how much load could be put on this circuit.  Each gauge wire has a limit on how much current can be transmitted through the wire.  A simple summation of amps per outlet or appliance will determine what size wire is required for that particular circuit.  One the wire size is properly determined, the breaker will also need to be properly sized.

Fix "Hot" & "Burning" Smells

Hot or burning smells of any kind need to be immediately addressed by turning off the suspected item that is being used when the hot or burning smell is observed.  Next step is to open or turn off the circuit breaker in the panel that is connected to that circuit and do not use that outlet or circuit.  Next call an electrician to troubleshoot and fix the problem.  The burning smell is an indication that the conductor is overloaded which causes excessive heat and melts the plastic insulation surrounding the wire.  By the time you smell the burning odor, the damage is already done and a fire could be started.  Call an electrician immediately for emergency service. 

Fix Sparks & Shorts

Sparks and shorts need to be fixed by an electrician immediately.  Anytime a spark or burning smell is noticed from your electrical system of any kind, stop using the appliance, unplug the appliance, and call an electrician immediately.  If sparks are observed that means the wire or connections are not continuous but electricity is still flowing meaning that live electricity is arcing the gap and could easily ignite anything surrounding the arc.  Call an electrician immediately when a spark or burning smell is observed.​

Work Permits To Heco & City And Country Of Honolulu

The Hawaiian Electric Company requires a work permit to be submitted whenever the main electrical feed going into a home or business needs to be de-energized.  HECO will require a licensed electrician to submit this form with details on who, what, when, where, and why the main feed needs to be de-energized and HECO will be on-site to perform the de-energization and re-energization.  This needs to be done when working on the main incoming panel inside your home, if you’re remodeling and need to re-locate where the main feed enters your home, and other major projects where the main feed needs to be relocated.  This might also require HECO to come out and detach their meter and reattach it once the work is done and power is to be restored to the home or office.



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