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Edward was absolutely phenomenal in fixing our electrical issue. In fact, he saved us upwards of a $2,000 and he corrected a problem in the late evening. I would choose again without hesitation! Thank you! Repeat customer for sure.” – Jared


Awesome electrician and person. Called Windward Side Electric to check my outlets since every time we plugged the fan it sparked.  Norman came over and checked out the outlets and then said it was my fan cord that was no good, and showed it to me. we laughed and i felt so not to bright, and apologized for wasting his time, he said safety is no waste of time.   Used him another time for a washing machine outlet, very professional and reasonable.

He is now our go to electrician. I would definitely refer Norman to anyone.  ”  – Denise


“Norman was an Xmas miracle. My parents are out of the country and their rental unit was having electrical problems 2 Days before Christmas Eve. I’m a student who can’t afford to pay for expensive electrical work on my own but Norman agreed to take a delayed payment from my parents and came down and fixed the water heater for a great price, and when we couldn’t access the box because I had the wrong key to the unit, he agreed to come down a second time the following day. He checked all the light switches in the house with me and even offered to change a dead light bulb. The tenants have hot water and workings lights for Xmas. Bless Norman.” – Audrey




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