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Windward Side Electric provides the best lighting and fixtures electrical repair and installation services in Kaneohe, Hawaii. Whether it’s interior or exterior lighting or fixtures that need repair, our experts can provide you with affordable solutions that are 100% guaranteed.

We have been in the industry for many years now and we know all the ‘ins and outs’ of electrical equipment. We handle all lighting and fixtures for a wide range of areas including indoor, outdoor, landscaping, etc. 

We can help with Ballast & Bulb Replacement, repairs and installations of Motion Detection, Under Cabinet, Recessed & Track Lighting, Ceiling Fans Repair/Installation, Remodel & Retrofit, etc. Lightings and fixtures help make your home and living rooms illuminated and beautiful. When you install a high-quality new fixture or repair your existing faulty one, it will immediately transform your home in a way that nothing else can. 

Electrical systems are not something that can be repaired or installed by just anyone, it requires the services of a professional. Rather than trying to do it yourself, a task that is quite complex, complicated, time-consuming, and potentially hazardous, you can save yourself the stress and danger by allowing our team of Kaneohe expert electricians to do it for you. 

We can help fix and replace all kinds of bulbs (LED, Fluorescent, CFL, Incandescent, and Halogen) within any area of your house.

Reasons why we are Kaneohe’s Preferred Lighting & Fixture Electricians

  • Our expert team possesses many years of experience in the field of electrical repairs and installations in Hawaii.
  • We are fully dedicated, 100% reliable, locally-owned, licensed, bonded and insured.
  • We value our clients’ time – and we always strive to arrive ‘right on time’.
  • We fully guarantee our workmanship.
  • We’re capable of handling any project, small or large

Reach out to us today and let us take care of your light & fixture needs, and you will be glad that you did. Not only will you enjoy the awesome glow of a brand new fixture, but you will also have great peace of mind knowing that our work is guaranteed. 

Your residential interior lighting makes the home appear more radiant & vibrant.  Installing or replacing new light or other fixtures in your space involves some steps such as turning off the power source to some specific areas of your apartment, mounting the fixture, and making sure that the wiring is well fitted and connected.

Many people find it difficult to effectively wire new lighting fixtures in their homes. We advice you to only take on take on this project if you have confidence and experience, because electricity can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. 

Your residential or commercial lighting plays a vital role in keeping your apartment or business functional and comfortable. Therefore – when it comes to lighting installation in Kaneohe, it’s essential to enlist the services of a team committed to your success and satisfaction. This is where Windward Side Electric comes in. Here, we provide dependable lighting installation services for residential & business owners throughout the Windward side.

We always approach every lighting installation project we handle with care. It doesn’t matter if your job/project is simple or complicated, we will work within your schedule & fully meet your expectations. Contact us today, and let’s discuss your repair or project. 

Interior & Exterior Lighting

In Hawaii we enjoy equal parts day and night year around.  With that 12 hours of darkness our lights and electricity get used a lot, so make sure your home is properly illuminated and has a sufficient electrical system to power all of your needs. Interior lighting is important for every household, but if you enjoy spending time outdoors in the warm Hawaii evenings, exterior lighting can make all the difference. We can provide electrical service for any type of lighting system. 

Kitchens & Bathrooms

We have a lot of fun whenever we get a project to completely re-wire a kitchen or bathroom.  When people renovate or build a new home, we’ve done a lot of subcontract work to do the wiring of the entire house.  When I say its fun to completely re-wire a kitchen or bathroom, I mean it’s fun to talk to the home owner and ask them what appliances they’ll be using, what lighting fixtures they want, what kind of lighting they want to achieve, seeing their overall layout, and how they plan to use the area.  After doing this for so long, we know exactly where, how many, and what types of fixtures and outlets should be installed.  That is the biggest complaint we hear from people after they move into a new home.  There are not enough outlets!  Sometimes we’re called to add extra outlets, or to up-size them because the previous contractor didn’t take into consideration how the space or area would be used.  We like to think ahead and make sure there is always enough outlets in the right spots.  Ask us about hidden outlets that are there for your use, but out of sight so your space isn’t a big checker board of outlets and switches.

Landscape Lighting

Landscaping lighting is not for every house, but it can add incredible value and space to your property.  A lot of homeowners underestimate the value of their exterior space.  Let’s just talk about the best part of landscape lighting: creative lighting plus landscape design equals the neighborhood’s spotlight at night. Most homeowners opt for the solar powered pathway lighting to illuminate the walk ways into and around their house at night, this is by far the most popular use and application of landscape lighting.  For the properties with more to show or that don’t want to live in a black hole at night, landscape lighting is used to highlight and accentuate trees, palms, hedges, shrubs, and other landscape features. This can add tremendous value to your property, especially if your family enjoys spending time outdoors in the evenings. Exterior landscape lighting is easiest when installed during new construction, but can be tricky because the landscape features are still immature.  Most commonly, landscape lighting is installed later with either underground or aboveground conduit. Your space and budget will determine whether underground or aboveground conduit is the right choice.  We do not recommend direct bury applications meaning trenching and laying the insulated wires directly on the soil and backfilling with soil.  I always recommend trenching a minimum of 24″- 36″ deep, installing conduit, pull the conductors through the conduit, backfill and compact, and always installing buried electrical warning tape 12″ below the finished ground surface.  This will alert someone at a later date that there is an underground electrical line below.  This is always recommended for any underground utility in any application, residential or commercial. 

Architectural Lighting

The power and impact of architectural lighting is absolutely underestimated.  Knowledge and creative architectural lighting design can add a lot of value to a home or building.  There are two facets to architectural lighting.  One is proper illumination of the area, so as to make the most use of the space, and the other is for aesthetics and how the lighting will make the room or space look and feel.  None of us here are architects, but we have worked off of many lighting plans designed by architects and it is a specialty trade all in itself.  While not an architect, we’ve installed and built hundreds of lighting systems and I have seen what works and what does not with different types of buildings.  We know all of the light fixture suppliers on island and I can always give you our professional opinion and recommendations on how you can achieve the look and feel you are after.

Lighting Controls & Dimmer Switches

Don’t you just love dimmer switches?  Just the right amount of light you need.  Keep in mind that halogen and incandescent light bulbs and LED bulbs have their pros and cons in terms of dimming.  Incandescent and halogen bulbs are compatible with virtually any dimmer switch and have a much lower initial cost.  Their cons would be a short lifespan when compared to LED bulbs and high cost to operate due to inefficient nature of how light is generated.  LED bulbs have been around for awhile now but have not completely replaced previous light bulb technology.  It is important to note that LED bulbs and fixtures are not always compatible with dimmer switches and one must not assume they will be compatible without first researching and confirming.  Other lighting controls to consider are motion detectors, motherboard or master controllers, which are usually linked to efficiency and energy conservation.

Ballast & Bulb Replacements

Unknown to many people, light ballasts are critical in many electronic devices, the most common example of this is the florescent light bulb.  Simply put, a ballast is the bodyguard for a florescent light bulb.  The ballast receives an incoming electrical current and reduces the current to a lower amount before passing through the florescent light bulb without causing damage.  This is one of the most common calls I get.  The kitchen light doesn’t work anymore, the breaker is closed, the bulbs have been replaced, but still no light.  Replacing a ballast is a quick and easy repair and is easily confirmed to be the problem by checking the current with a multi-meter.

Motion Detection

The most common use of motion detection is for exterior applications with a combination light, detector, and timer system. There are a variety of choices to choose from based on your need, but as far as an installation goes, they are the same as installing a traditional light fixture.  One cool application to consider is installing a motion detection light in your garage. The light will always be there for you when you open the door from the house, your hands are full, and you don’t want to worry about turning the light off behind you. ​

Under Cabinet, Recessed & Track Lighting

There are many different types of lighting fixtures available today that help illuminate and highlight interior and exterior spaces.  When you have just remodeled your kitchen and have a beautiful koa island top or olivine marbled counter tops or handmade oak cabinets, you want the right type of light illuminating those surfaces and the right type of fixture holding that light at just the right angle.  Functionality and style are always vying for the spotlight when it comes to interior lighting.  Creative lighting in the kitchen has seemed to go from track lighting, to recessed lighting, to under cabinet lighting.  All 3 are great options to get away from traditional in-expensive light fixtures.  One of our favorites is the under-cabinet lighting which provides useful light, will highlight and bring out the best in your counter tops, and makes the entire kitchen look rich and classy.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are as common in Hawaii as a sink in a kitchen.  People are constantly adding ceiling fans to move air in their homes and provides an inexpensive way to help keep cool by moving air and allowing for convection to evaporate water from your skin.  If you really want to supercharge your cooling efforts, use a combination of an air conditioner and a ceiling fan to quickly and evenly circulate the cool air from the air conditioner.  If you’re looking to install a ceiling fan into an area that currently does not have an electric power source, we can install both the new power source, switch, and also the ceiling fan itself.  There is absolutely no need to hire an additional contractor to install the fan after we have ran the power for the fan.

Remodels, Renovations & Retrofits

Remodeling homes, and retrofits are similar.  While the terms remodeling and retrofit can each vary in their complexity and involvement, both require an existing system.  On  one end of a remodel, one could simply be remodeling a bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom or at the other end a remodel could literally mean tear down everything down to the studs, subfloor, or even a complete remodel down to the foundation.  The latter would be better defined as a renovation.  The retrofit usually includes replacing a specific part of a whole with something new while keeping everything else the same.  The goal here as an electrician is to make it all work, but blending new and old (and sometimes very old) can be challenging.  The number one most important factor is to evaluate the condition of the electrical system that is to remain and to verify the old system once connected to the new system will be able to handle the new electrical load as intended to be utilized.

Bulbs: LED, CFL, Fluorescent, Halogen, Incandescent

There are a variety of bulbs being used today and it is important to be aware of which ones your light fixture uses and the pros and cons of that particular bulb.  While it is certainly interesting to nerd out on how light is created for each bulb, most people just want the light and only stop to think about the kind, size, wattage, how many lumens, temperature, cost of a bulb until they need to replace a burnt out bulb.  While this is fairly simple to determine, just look at the existing bulb, access to the bulb proves to be the most challenging aspect of changing a bulb.  Do not worry.  There has not been a light bulb that we haven’t been able to access in the 20+ years we have been in business.  The future of lighting is currently here and although it will be surpassed by some superior technology in the future, the LED (light emitting diode) light bulb will become the new standard in common lighting applications.

Circuit Upgrades For New Appliances

A large portion of my jobs come from people needing to up-grade and up-size an existing circuit for a shiny new appliance. Most common are ovens, washer and dryer, hot tubs, and more and more common these days, are dedicated circuits for electric car charging stations.  An on-site visit is absolutely required in order to evaluate the main feed into your home or building from the primary service drop from HECO, the circuit breaker panel, and the existing system.  Sometime it is wise to create a new dedicated circuit for the new appliance you are installing to avoid overloading the circuit and to provide uninterrupted power supply.

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